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Welcome at QI GONG TCHIN CHINE PARTY, Lyon 2012

Special event made in VOYASOIE, Sunday 10th of June in Lyon Croix-Rousse.

June Qi Gong Tchin Tchin Party at Parc Popy, 33/35 rue Henri Gorjus - Lyon 4 (metro HENON)

/English teaching and animation, from 10.00 to 13.00.

We will share basis of outdoor Qi Gong, light drinks and snacks (bring the one you prefer or want to offer), talkings about being and acting with a behaviour of Qi Gong lover.

Pascale Charlois will lead the journey to China and an exploration of different Qi Gong themas.

Take comfortable clothes, sweater, soft shoes, hat and sun glasses,... smile, fun and happiness ;))

Meeting point at 10.00 at the main entrance gate, rue Henri Gorjus.

Everybody is concerned by origins and aims of human beings, place of birth, place of living, place of planing or dreaming to go, anywhere in the world, here and there.
Pascale CHARLOIS - Qi Gong teacher since 2004 and Traditional Chinese (and Japanese) Medicine practitioner - is involved in INTERNATIONS links and humanist missions.

For more informations, work assistance or partnership, please contact her through 0478308886

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